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  • Light Shabbat Candles
    The primary function of the Shabbat candles is to bring peace and tranquility into the home and to enhance our enjoyment of the Shabbat meal. Women and girls (age 3 and up) are encouraged to light candles every Friday afternoon, 18 minutes before sunset, in honor of the Shabbat, and before Festivals.
    ·        Lighting Shabbat candles THIS Friday evening, 18 minutes before sunset!
    ·        Inviting/teaching ANOTHER woman or girl to light Shabbat candles this Friday evening!
    Men (age 13 and up) are encouraged to wear the Tefillin every morning excluding Shabbat and Festivals. 
    ·        Put on Tefillin today!
    ·        Helping ANOTHER man put on Tefillin one day this week!
    Give charity, keeping a "pushkah" (charity box) in your home, and contributing a coin to it every day. This will teach you and your children the noble value of regular giving.
    ·        Give charity – Daily, weekly, monthly!
    ·        Buy a meal for someone in need.
    ·        Donate toys/books to needy children.
    ·        Visit someone who is ill.
    ·        Donate to Chabad Camarillo, to enable us to continue our community work: or  PayPal donation: [email protected]
    Jewish Education
    Provide a Jewish Education for your Children. Through Gan Camarillo Preschool, The Jewish Kids Club,  Lamplighters Jewish Academy or Camp Gan Israel.
    Learn Torah
    Study a portion of the Torah daily. Even a few lines contain the infinite wisdom and will of G‑d.
    - Consider our web-based Daily Study programs as well as our Adult Education .
    - Join a Torah class this month!
    - Leah's Women's class Monday mornings. Click here for the Zoom Link.
    - Rabbi Yosef’s - Smile on Seniors class, Tuesday afternoons. Click here to join WhatsApp group for updates.
    - Rabbi Lang’s class, Wednesday evenings 7:30pm. Click here to join WhatsApp group for updates.
    - Study extra Torah this week with a friend!
    - Learn more about the subject of the Redemption and Moshiach !
    Mezuzah on a Doorpost 
    The Mezuzah is a sign that the home is sanctified for G‑d and enjoys His protection. Every Jewish home should have a mezuzah on its doorposts. Inside a proper Mezuzah is a parchment containing the first two paragraphs of the Shema written by a professional scribe. Unfortunately, there are many Mezuzahs in the market which are printed rather than scribed or are otherwise improper. Even Mezuzahs that were originally proper may fade or crack due to age or weather and may become improper. Bring your Mezuzahs to our Chabad House to have them checked by a professional scribe. Contact us for scheduling.
    ·        Put up a Kosher Mezuzah on any doorpost!
    ·        Helping a friend affix a Mezuzah onto THEIR doorpost!
    ·        Purchasing a Jewish book to display in my home!
    ·        Having my Mezuzot checked by a Rabbi to ensure that they are kosher!
    Love Your Fellow
    "Love your fellow as yourself," said the great Jewish sage Rabbi Akiva,  is a most basic principle in the Torah. 
    • Showing appreciation to someone who has done well to me!
    • Reaching out to someone who can use a listening ear!
    • Spending more quality time with my family this week
    • Visit someone who is ill. 
    Family Purity
    Observance of the Jewish marital laws allows you to make the most of your marriage, bringing you and your spouse to new, undiscovered depths of intimacy and sacredness in your relationship. 
    ·        Adding spirituality to my marriage by learning about the laws of FAMILY PURITY!  
    ·        Married Ladies using the Mikvah.
    ·        Donate towards the building of a Mikvah locally. 
    Praying to G-d either in the ancient Hebrew words or in my own words this week!
    Observe the laws of Kosher (fit) foods. Click here to learn more.
    Children's Sefer Torah
    The Rebbe asked that every Jewish child (boys under the age of 13 and girls under the age of 12) should have his or her very own letter in a Sefer Torah written just for kids.
    ·       Click here to buy a letter at $1 per child. Receive a beautiful personalized certificate from Israel
    Imagine life in the time of Moshiach - a life untainted by stress and worry, beyond petty jealousies and quarrels, where all human occupations are transformed to spiritual paths towards a deeper wisdom and a higher knowledge. Anyone who adds even one more act of kindness to this world is a partner in building the whole new world we are waiting for. 
    The 7 Noahide Laws: Universal Morality
    Noahide Laws which are rules that all of us must keep, regardless of who we are or from where we come. Click here to learn more.
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