• Torah StudiesJoin Rabbi Yosef Muchnik on a weekly journey through the weekly Torah portion, with the exciting Torah Studies Curriculum, by JLI.
    Wednesdays at 7:30 pm
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  • High Holidays at ChabadJoin us for joyful services with meaning and melody!
    Rosh Hashana - Sept 25-27
    Yom KIppur - Oct 4-5
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  • Sukkot & Simchat Torah at ChabadCheck out our minisite for al your Sukkot needs! Check out schedules and events, and RSVP. More information
  • Paypal GivingGive a donation to Chabad Camarillo through Paypal Giving. With this method of giving, Chabad will not incur any processing fees, so that all the money you donate goes directly to our organization. Donate now
  • Planned GivingLeave an eternal Legacy to the Jewish Community of Camarillo. Remember Chabad in your will. more info
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Oct. 4 - Oct. 5
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G-d says of the prideful one, "He and I cannot dwell together in the world"
Talmud, Sotah 5a
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