A special Holiday message to parents from Saving Lives Camarillo, a Drug Free Communities Coalition:

The holidays can provide happiness and excitement as friends and family come together for celebrations. Yet, celebrations also provide increased opportunity for teens to experiment with alcohol as it becomes more accessible during the holiday period.

It's important for parents to take time during the holiday season to talk to their children about the dangers of underage drinking, and to remain vigilant. Parents are still the strongest influencers in their children's lives, even during the teenage years, and we want to ensure that our most precious resource-our young people-stay safe this holiday season.

While the holiday season is a time for young people to reunite and hang out with old friends, it is also a time to connect with family. Make the time to talk to your teen about the risks of underage drinking, while encouraging him or her to balance time between family and friends.
Don't relax your rules just because it's the holiday season. Teens still need limits and close monitoring. Remind your teen of your expectations that he or she does not drink or experiment with drugs.

Be sure that teens don't have access to alcohol or other substances in your home.  Be sure to lock up your liquor cabinet.  But, don't forget that the liquor cabinet isn't the only cabinet that must be secured. It is also important to take the time to make sure that all of your medications and prescriptions are secured.

Finally, be a good role model.  Show your kids that you know your own limits.

For more information on teen substance abuse prevention and to join our Coalition visit our website at www.savinglivescamarillo.com or call our office at 805-383-7882

Thank you and Happy Holidays from Saving Lives Camarillo